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Rats are the most common of rodents found in homes across the US with Santa Monica being no exception. Rats quickly become a nuisance in any home or business because of there rapid reproduction. These pesky rodents will live anywhere causing concerns for ones health and safety. Rats can cause damage to you’re a ir ducts, insulation and wiring to your heating and cooling systems in addition to increasing your chances of sickness. They can find their way into your crawl space and attic without you realizing it. Our environmentally trained professionals at ATTIC CLEANING SANTA MONICA will safely remove dead rats from your home or business facility, skilfully clean up and decontaminate after them, and keep them from ever coming back.


· Rats carry a number of highly dangerous diseases for example Salmonella, Bubonic Plague, Tapeworms, Lyme disease, Hantavirus, Rat Bite Fever, and Tularemia

· Rats spread diseases through feces, urine, saliva, and nesting material

· Every year female rats have an average have 17 litters with each litter bearing 9-12 pups

· Rat pups can begin reproducing 3 to 4 month after being born

· Rats will reproduce every three months

· Rat’s teeth never stop growing; they can gnaw through aluminum sheeting, cinder blocks, plaster and wood

· Rats have poor vision but there other senses are very strong

We will eradicate any problematic rats in your home and/or your business; these pesky rats are an annoyance, they systematically invade your home or business looking for food, water and shelter. Once they enter your doors they provide a platform of health risks and begin to damage one of your most valuable investments. If you have been infiltrated by these bothersome rodents we recommend the following these easy steps:

1. Immediately begin to clean up all infested area (we recommend a hiring a professional)

2. Use the “wet clean up” method as to not create any dust or toxic materials

3. Sealing all holes and/or opening especially those larger than a dime

A very common question that is asked “Is my families health and safety in jeopardy?” The answer is YES! They carry a number of diseases that are highly dangerous if transmitted to a human. Rats can be unpredictable and may bite a human if confronted or provoked. Sadly, children are often the easy victims of rat bites. Thankfully, rat attacks aren’t very common here in the Santa Monica area. Don’t risk the safety of your family and home, contact a Rat Proofing professional at Attic Cleaning Santa Monica 111 111 1111 for a free consultation including a no obligation inspection and estimate.

Your health and the health of our environment are always the number one priority at Attic Cleaning Santa Monica we believe in investing in our planet by protecting our environment. It is the foundation of which we build all of our services from to ensure our customers receive convenient, effective and safe rat proofed surroundings. When you call Attic Cleaning Santa Monica 111-111-1111 we guarantee to discretely eliminate your rat infestation and prevent any future infestation.