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A radiant heat barrier can help trap in cold air and help avoid overspending on energy bills as a result of huge air conditioning costs. Radiant barriers work by inhibiting radiant heat gain. Radiant energy from the sun heats your roof. The energy travels through your roof assembly by conduction. The hot surface on the underside of your roof, in your attic, radiates heat onto cooler surfaces in your attic, such as your air ducts and the floor of the attic. Radiant barrier materials work to prevent the radiant energy traveling from the hot roof deck to your air ducts and attic floor. Radiant barriers are sometimes referred to as "reflective insulation" and "radiant barrier insulation" because, similar to insulation, they can effectively slow the transfer of heat. In an attic, the radiant barriers we use work by reflecting heat. When it's hot, up to 97% of a radiant barrier can reflect the sun’s heat back outside. This will reduce the heat gain and take a load off of your air conditioning. In the winter, this “reflective effect” works the other way, reflecting heat from the house back toward your living space.

Do you want to dramatically lower your energy bills by at least 42%? Would you like to know that your keepsake items stored in the attic are not going to melt or be destroyed from the high temperatures? Did you know that a properly installed radiant barrier would increase efficacy and improve your ductwork? If you answered yes to at least two of those questions than it’s time for you to call Attic Cleaning Santa Monica because we professionally install Radiant Barriers in attics, we are experts in saving energy through our Eco Friendly Services including cleaning, decontamination, installing/restoring insulation in your attic, as well as many other parts of your home. For your free radiant barrier estimate, call us today at (111) 111 1111

Did you realize that the innovation behind the Radiant Barrier was really created years back by NASA? As they hunt down approaches to shield the space travelers from temperatures running from - 273 degrees to +238 degrees Celsius, NASA found that a thin sheet of aluminum foil "brilliant obstruction" would do an indistinguishable activity from a seven-foot thick bit of regular protection. Here are the best reasons why the Attic Radiant Barrier ought to be incorporated into your next upper room cleaning by Attic Cleaning Santa Monica.

• Stop up to 97% of brilliant warmth move in your home.

• Reduce your warming and cooling costs by up to 40%.

• Extend the life of your warming framework and ventilation work.

• Start seeing quick savings!!!!

We make this world a better place one attic at a time because we care about you and our environment.