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Your HVAC- air ducts and insulation are part of one of the most important systems in your home- energy wise – but its only going to work and be as good as its weakest link. Air ducts and insulation is an vital part of our integrated attic cleaning services. Not only must you ensure that your air ducts are clean and free of contamination and dust, but you also want to make sure they’re supporting the efficiency of your heating and air system.

We recommend that you allow an experienced professional to handle the removal of your attic insulation. Many problems can occur if you attempt the removal yourself especially if you don’t have the right protection and expertise. Because most are not aware of the visual signs of potential dangerous insulation materials, one can easily come in contact with asbestos and old fiberglass products which can be fatal if one is not wearing the correct protective equipment. Many times pests or rodents have made a home in your insulation, turning your insulation in to a toxic playground where if moved the dust and fecal matter can cause potential fatal diseases. Further more you could step right through the ceiling inevitability causing more expensive accidental costs.

We remove a variety of insulations most common being the Batt and Blown insulation. Our process of removing the insulation is always Eco Friendly and done by an experienced professional wearing all organic protective equipment. Our Eco Friendly removal and disposal of your old and toxic insulations requires an experienced professional to avoid any possible dust contamination causing potentially fatal health concerns.

We often talk about air duct replacement as part of the overall conversation about your attic’s energy-efficiency. We’re experts in making any attic (new or refurbished) clean and eco/energy efficient. Leaky air ducts can lead to increased energy costs, thus we make sure that immediately after replacing air ducts we seal them preventing the conditioned air flow through your outside of the intended living space and possibly in the attic.

We’re a company that can help with many different attic needs. We want to help you maximize your energy-efficiency, with your home and/or business. If you want to learn more about our air duct and insulation as well as our professional attic cleaning services please Call us at 111 111 1111

We pride ourselves on the fact that we keep it simple and provide all our customers with confidence to call us anytime they have small or big problems with there air ducts or insulation. When you call Attic Cleaning Santa Monica, we make sure that you’re confident with your choice to call us and get the job done. You can always count on one of our specialty trained professionals to conduct a thorough inspection of ones energy systems, crawl space(s) and/or attic(s) within the home or business, then identify and pinpoint the largest energy weaknesses. We then prioritize the greatest-to-least cost-effective solution(s) to positively benefit your health, save energy and improve comfort in your residence or business.